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Howdy! Names for Your Little Cowpoke

I love western names. They just seem so rugged and masculie, yet sophisticated. Here are my picks for your new cowboy:

Wyatt – This kind of goes without saying. You don’t get much more western than Wyatt Earp. An English name meaning “brave in war” is quintessentially cowboy. I think the name is nearly perfect, but at #57, so do a lot of other people.

Wesley – Meaning “western meadow”, Wesley screams cowboy. This pleasing name is made even more friendly with the nickname Wes. Famous bearers include director Wes Craven, musician Wes Montgomery, and actor Wesley Snipes, as well as the surname of John and Charles who were the founders of the Christian denomination, Methodism.

Nathaniel – A Hebrew name, meaning “gift of God”, Nathaniel is fairly high up the charts at #82. But don’t let the slight popularity disuade you from this rustic, handsome choice. It has literary ties to Nathaniel Hawthorne, as well as characters in works by Shakespeare and Dickens. Nathaniel (as well as Nat, Nate, and Nathan) has an old-west sherriff feel; he’s definitely one of the good guys.

Boone – As in, Daniel Boone. It is an English/French name meaning, “a blessing”. I just love that meaning. But, as much as I like the easy-going Boone, I think it goes better as a middle name.

Floyd – One of my favorite Welsh names (meaning “gray-haired”), Floyd is uncommon and recognizable. I has a quirky, moth-eaten quality that I just love. Floyd is very versatile, from the Muppets, to Mayberry, to classic rock, Floyd can fit in anywhere.

Hollis – I just adore Hollis. It’s of English origin meaning, “near the holly bushes”. Like many western names, Hollis is soft and strong at the same time. I can picture a cute little boy and a big, burly man with the name.

Everett – The English version of the German, Eberhard, Everett means “brave as a wild boar”. It’s so cowboy. At #287, it is not really heard of, but not unheard of. Sophisticated and earthy, Everett is given even more credence in the virtue-y nickname, Ever.


What other western-type names do you love?


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